Northern Tanzania Explorer – 12 Days

Northern Tanzania Explorer – 12 Days


Discover Tanzania’s Wild Heart & Hidden Gems

Go beyond the familiar safari trail and experience the true depth of Northern Tanzania’s wonders. This 12-day adventure balances iconic highlights with off-the-beaten-path treasures, promising a safari rich in wildlife encounters and authentic discoveries. Expect breathtaking landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and the chance to explore places where the crowds seldom go.

Day by Day Itinerary for

Northern Tanzania Explorer – 12 Days

Days 1-2: Arusha & Arusha National Park

Your journey starts in Arusha, Tanzania's safari gateway. Explore Arusha National Park, a beautiful gem offering game drives, colobus monkey sightings, and breathtaking views of Mount Meru.

Days 3-4: Tarangire National Park

Venture into the realm of baobabs and elephants. Tarangire offers a unique safari experience, famed for its dry-season wildlife concentrations and its landscapes dotted with these ancient giants.

Days 5-7: Central & Southern Serengeti

The vastness of the Serengeti awaits! Spend three incredible days exploring different regions of the park. Witness the potential spectacle of the Great Migration, thrilling predator-prey scenes, and the breathtaking scale of the African wilderness.

Days 8-9: Ngorongoro Crater

Descend into nature's amphitheater! The Ngorongoro Crater is a wildlife haven teeming with diverse species. Experience up-close encounters on the crater floor and a possible glimpse of the elusive black rhino.

Days 10-11: Lake Eyasi & Hadzabe Tribe

Journey off the beaten path to Lake Eyasi, the homeland of the Hadzabe hunter-gatherers. Experience a unique cultural exchange, learning about their traditional ways of life, and potentially joining a morning hunt with them.

Day 12: Departure

After a final Tanzanian breakfast, embark on a scenic transfer back to Arusha for your onward flight. Depart with a deeper understanding of Tanzania's diverse landscapes, wildlife, and fascinating cultures.

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