Terms & Conditions

Ihana Safaris Terms & Conditions


* All registrations and any contracts will be regarded to have been made in Arusha, Tanzania, and will be interpreted in accordance with Tanzanian law.
*The court will review the evidence in Arusha, Tanzania.
* The Company maintains the right to refuse any reservation without offering an explanation.


* To secure a reservation, a 30% deposit is necessary. This deposit is part of the tour fee and will be deducted from the total cost paid to the client.
The Company reserves the right to regard the booking as cancelled and forfeit the deposit if the entire payment is not paid at least four (4) weeks hours before the flight.
Clients who book within four (4) weeks of the tour’s departure must pay in full right away to confirm their slot.
* The client is responsible for all bank charges. Our bank’s transaction costs are included in this.
The amount mentioned on the invoice is the total that must be deposited into our account; if interest expenses have been deducted, we will have to invoice you again.


* A transaction fee of 50 USD per booking applies to changes made by the client to existing bookings (e.g. departure dates, air tickets, hotels, number of people involved, etc.). The handling fee will be added to the service provider fees.


* Cancellations must be documented and recorded to the office that confirmed the reservation. Cancellations are only valid at the time the booking office receives them. In the event of a booking cancellation, the Company will keep the full deposit.
*If a booking is cancelled, the client will be charged the following cancellation fee:
until 4 weeks before departure – 30% Cancellation fee 4-2 weeks prior to departure – 50% Cancellation Fee 2-1 weeks prior to departure – 75% Cancellation fee less than one week before departure – 90%
* The Company has the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to cancel any tour without prior notice in cases where this is unpreventable. Moreover, in that case, the Management has agreed to refund the client’s entire payment. This is the Company’s sole responsibility to the client, and no claim for damages, however arising, shall be made against the Company.


* It is solely the client’s responsible to maintain that passports, visas, health certificates, proof of vaccinations, and any other necessary documentation for the countries to be visited are all in order. The Company will not be made responsible for any consequences, damages, or claims if the client does not properly attend to the client’s documentation and related matters prior to the tour’s departure.


* At all times, all hand luggage and personal effects are the client’s responsibility, and the Company accepts no liability for any loss or damage to personal effects, however caused.
* At all times, all hand luggage and personal effects are the client’s responsibility, and the Company accepts no liability for any loss or damage to personal effects, however caused. Clients may bring one bag weighing no more than 15 kg (backpack or soft bag – no hardtop suitcase) and one daypack. Excess baggage may be refused by the Company. Please keep in mind that other baggage restrictions may apply on our travelling tours and on some “bush” flights.


* The client understands that all tours are adventurous and involve some personal risk. Neither the Company nor any of its agents can be found culpable for any injury, loss of life, or destruction of property, however caused. The client hereby insurance protects and holds harmless the Company, its agents, assigns, and servants from any such claim.
The customer accepts the responsibility for all threats.


* The Company’s tour guide/judgments drivers are binding on the parties at all times. All laws, customs, and foreign currency rules of all countries visited must be followed at all times by the customer.


* The Company has the right to publish any images or films during tours for marketing or other promotional purposes. The customer consents to the use of such images and grants the Company copyright to these photographs and other materials


* Unforeseen situations such as war, mechanical failures, weather, rioting, and other unforeseen circumstances beyond the Company’s control may cause tour delays or changes. The Company will not be held liable in any way for any of these potential occurrences or any repercussions that may come from them.


* All of our prices are based on current national park fees and taxes. There have been continuing discussions about East African countries changing their tax policies in 2016. Though the government decides to increase fees and taxes, even if they are not officially scheduled, we will be forced to pass these increases on to our customers.