Tanzania Luxury Safaris

Tanzania Luxury Safaris

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Tanzania is a stunning, undeveloped nation with a variety of scenery, including breathtaking mountain peaks, white sand beaches, and limitless lengths of open plains that are well-known for being home to large herds of wildlife. Safari fans are particularly drawn to the Great Migration because of its assertion of life and inevitability.

A Tanzania luxury safari offers something for everyone who seeks a true, authentic African safari experience. While climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and embarking on a safari across the northern circuit (Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti) are the most well known adventures, there are certainly more remote safari circuits that are equally as majestic.

A Tanzania Luxury safari requires careful planning in terms of timing, weather and locations, especially with regards to animal movements and the Great Migration. We will be able to guide you to the best areas so that all of your own unique interests can be included in your Tanzania safari.

Explore the potential of a Tanzania safari
Tanzania is perfect for travelers looking for a quintessential safari, with diverse landscapes, authentic culture and huge herds of animals. For the most part, Tanzania focuses on game drives as the primary mode for game-viewing; however, there are properties that offer walking safaris (Serengeti Bushtops), crater walks (Entamanu Ngorongoro), boating (Sand Rivers Selous), chimp trekking (Greystoke Mahale) and fishing (Rubondo Island). In shoulder and green season, there are great multi-day walking options.

Tanzania is also great for repeat safari-goers or someone who wants to travel off-the-beaten-path. Lesser known reserves like Katavi, Mahale Mountains, Ruaha and Selous are very remote and wild, making it easy to feel like you are alone on safari. If you wish to avoid small planes, then a safari in Tanzania works well with a private driver-guide and vehicle.

For hikers, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro—Africa’s highest mountain—is one of Tanzania’s most exciting activities available.

It’s easy to add an extension to Zanzibar or Mafia Island for diving, snorkeling, fishing or just plain relaxing after a busy safari. Zanzibar offers an array of beach activities such as diving, snorkeling, dhow trips and fishing. For more culture, you can explore Stone Town, go on a spice tour, or visit Jozani Forest for the colobus monkeys.

Viewing the Serengeti from a hot air balloon is an amazing way to experience Tanzania.

What to expect on a Tanzania luxury safari

A luxury safari in Tanzania is an incredible experience, offering up-close encounters with iconic wildlife as well as some of the best accommodation on the continent. Staying at a luxury safari lodge or camp is an experience in and of itself, with unrivaled service and attention to detail. Consider beautifully designed accommodations with five-star amenities, as well as breathtaking views of the African plains.

So, if you’re looking for a “Out of Africa” experience and only the best will do, here’s what to expect on a luxury safari in Tanzania.

Excellent accommodations

The lavish accommodations, which spare no money in creating spaces that are inspiring and most surely Instagram-worthy, are one of the main draws of a luxury safari in Tanzania. Picture claw-foot bathtubs and four-poster beds, as well as wraparound balconies where you can take in the breathtaking savannah vistas. The majority of opulent camps and lodges have all the amenities you’d anticipate from a five-star hotel, including infinity pools, indulgent spas, and private butlers to cater to your every need.

vehicles with unique designs for the perfect safari in Africa

The vehicle they will be traveling in and how this may affect their vacation are two things that first-timers frequently forget about when it comes to the safari experience. The majority of opulent safari lodges and camps will spend their money on the nicest jeeps on the market, outfitted with specialized amenities like big sliding windows for photography and front or roof window hatches for improved view. Additionally, they’ll be equipped with inverters so you can charge your devices and video equipment while you’re on the go and avoid ever having a dead battery. But more crucially, they’ll be well-maintained and serviced frequently, preventing mechanical problems from leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Tanzania Best Guides

The adage “you know what exactly you pay for” couldn’t apply more to the degree of experience of guides on a Tanzania safari. Some of the top guides in Africa who have spent years honing their wildlife spotting and customer service skills are drawn to the luxury safari resorts and camps. They’ll be knowledgeable about all the insider tips for tracking down even the most elusive of creatures, and they’ll show you all the greatest locations for stunning shots. Because they are adept drivers, they can easily maneuver through even the most challenging situations and will know how to keep you safe if curious wild creatures approach a bit too closely.

flexible itineraries

Unlike staying at a spending plan lodge where daily activities have set times and missing the jeep means missing out on the experience, a private safari in Tanzania means you have complete control over your daily itinerary. While the best times to see wildlife will still be in the early morning and late afternoon, the rest of the day is up to you. Visit a local conservation initiative or go on a guided birdwatching safari with an expert ornithologist to learn about the important work being done to ensure the survival of wildlife species. Alternatively, simply take advantage of your lodge’s luxurious amenities and the opportunity for a mid-afternoon siesta.


“Sundowners” are alcoholic drinks served during your late-afternoon game drive or back at the camp while watching the sun slowly sink below the horizon. Expect to see an elephant herd or a giraffe tower in the background, making sundowner time one of the most photogenic times of the day.

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