Tanzania family holidays

Tanzania family holidays

Tanzania family holidays

Tanzania family holidays offers great family safari Holiday and beach vacations thanks to its diverse wildlife, beautiful white-sand island beaches, and convenient transportation.

Safari Holidays for families

Tanzania safari lodges rarely have kids’ clubs, but the incredible wildlife and environment, combined with safari activities designed specifically for kids, will make a few safari camps and beach lodges stand out for families. Any child who spends time in nature will have a fascinating and fulfilling vacation.

The type of safari you take depends on your youngest child’s age and temperament. Children who are older and can consistently be sensible and follow instructions when given them will have more options than younger children who are less adept at following directions. And remember, no matter what type of safari you go on, great guiding is essential to your child’s enjoyment.

Families holiday with children under about 8 years old.

A private-guided trip around Northern Tanzania would be an excellent ‘first safari.’ The great spectacles of Lake Manyara, the Serengeti, and the Ngorongoro Crater, unlike many other areas of Africa that we feature, are surrounded by a number of substantial lodges. We can weave these together into a seamless family vacation because they have the space and amenities of modern hotels.

In your own private 4WD, you’ll be driven around by a wildlife expert. He’ll be a pro at taking kids on safaris and bringing nature to life. You’ll make your own daily schedule and drive through towns and rural areas, as well as national parks, stopping wherever you want to get a sense of the country and its people, as well as the wildlife.

Families with children over about 8 years old…

We now have more options. Instead of being limited to large, solid lodges, privately guided trips in Northern Tanzania can include some small, tented camps. These will be more open, and large game will frequently wander through them, but older, more responsible children who follow instructions well will be able to stay here under the supervision of their parents and staff.

Better prepare for your family’s  to Tanzania.

A safari in Tanzania is fun for people of all ages, making it the perfect family vacation. Parents, grandparents, and kids can all join in the adventure’s excitement, creating lifelong memories. Even seasoned travelers cannot claim to have seen everything there is to see on a Tanzania safari because each wildlife sighting is so unique and distinct.

We’ve designed a lot of wonderful Tanzania family vacations, but the perfect family itinerary requires considerable thought and planning on many different levels. Family rooms (or extra beds), kid-friendly activities, and discounted pricing differ greatly from one lodge to the next.

Best Time to go on a Tanzania Family holiday

Tanzania is best visited between July and October, when the parks are dry and wildlife viewing is dramatic, easy, and action-packed. It is best to combine the excitement of safari with downtime on the beach, especially with children, so avoid the rainy season!

However, there are advantages and disadvantages to every season, so it is definitely worth calling to discuss. For example, June and OctobeTanzania family vacations during the holiday season are a fantastic idea. December falls between the short rains that typically occur in November and the long rains that occur in April and May.

November are fantastic shoulder season months with special offers and low season rates, where you can see amazing wildlife for a third of the price of the peak season.

November, on the other hand, is an excellent time for spectacular end-of-dry-season wildlife, and the rains in this month are usually just an afternoon shower or two. The major advantage of traveling in November for families is that rates are reduced across the country, allowing you to afford a premium safari for less – important if you are paying for the entire family and want a safari lodge with a pool for the kids to splash around in. June is also a good month for lower rates, and the parks are lush and beautiful at this time of year.

The Great Wildebeest Migration in the southern Serengeti occurs in January and February, when the animals congregate for calving season. We strongly recommend these months if this is on your family’s bucket list.

While the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater never close, The Selous is closed from mid-March to the end of May because the camps are inaccessible when it rains heavily. This time of year, Ruaha is also mostly closed.

Both October and November in the Selous can be extremely hot, which is worth noting if you are not a fan of extreme heat.

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