4 Easy Steps of how to book a safari in Tanzania

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4 Easy Steps of how to book a safari in Tanzania

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Step 01

What do I want to do in Tanzania?

Tanzania is full of holiday options .It is a good idea to know  what you wish to do before you consult our safari advisor.

As you have browsed through our website ,you discovered  we’ve plenty to offer you. 

Do you want to visit wildlife parks  only,combined with Kilimanjaro trekking,or do you just want to climb Kilimanjaro and come back home,what about Zanzibar beach holiday  extension?.The list is so long.

Your  answer or even a rough idea of what you wish to have  ,will simplify the work of our advisor on finding the best tour package for you.

Step 2   


The price for an African holiday is always  varying . Price variation is depending on factors like,how many persons are you accompanying  with.how many are adults,children ,and their ages,where do you want to stay either single room,shared/twin room or triple. 

Do you wish to sleep  on a budget, or Mid –range, or Luxury or even super Luxury lodges and tented camps?. 

The season  you want to travel is also has an impact on  your final travel cost. If you choose to travel during peak season of  December – March, June –  October or  In The High Season of November, you’ll pay more  as compared to Low Seasons(Green);of April and May where rates are discounted especially on accommodation.

After knowing price contribution factors you may predict how the final cost will be.Good budgeting is to start with what you want to spend on your holiday and forwarding to our advisor for itinerary planning.

Step 3

 Send an email or fill in our inquiry form.

After having an idea about the African holiday you want to have ,send to our Travel advisor an email or fill an inquiry form which has all your holiday proposals  . Or if some of things are not clear just ask through the same email or contact form. This is a free service which we shall reply back as soon as possible  

From your proposal we shall draft the first safari program for you. We shall continue communicating  to and FRO with you until you get an itinerary which will satisfy your wishes. Once you are satisfied, we shall send to you our booking form which you will fill in and send back to us. Which then we  shall send your invoice.

Step 4

Pay for your safari holidays.

After you receive our invoice and you confirm  it is correct , you will be required to deposit  worth 30% of the total amount. Consult our advisor on the best payment method to use.

This deposit will be used to secure your stays and any other services booked by us. 

The balance can be paid in two weeks time or else you can pay cash on your arrival.

 In case you have any other questions or need any further information about Safari booking you should not hesitate to contact us by email or call our 24 hours hotline.

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