Ruaha Park Safari

Ruaha Park Safari

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Ruaha Park Safari

Between Miombo woodlands of Zambia and Savanna plain of Tanzania and Kenya this is where Hidden Gems of Ruaha national Park lies.The Uncrowded  park with a few accommodation properties but offers a magnificent view of Diversity of Game drive,birds and  beautiful landscapes.

Ruaha National Park the untouched  African wilderness is renowed by  its incredible animal sightings including  huge Herds of Elephants  and plenty of Predators.  

About Ruaha Safari .

Ruaha National  Park and Nyerere Park are tremendous    African wildlife destinations which are located at the southern circuit of Tanzania safari.

Tanzania's largest National Park, Ruaha is a wilder and more remote park than its southern neighbor Nyerere National Park .And ultimately has the better wildlife. Being relatively inaccessible  from other Parks  and makes it receiving  far fewer Tourists  than its twin and as less than any comparable   circuit  park.

The unexpected  rewards  received  by being at Ruaha Safari Park  include the superb  landscape views,spreading  of  ancient Baobab trees ,studded hills and rocky escarpments.

Ruaha Safaris accommodates over 10% of all the World’s Lion population.Viewing this carnivore around the Mwagusi area is a special  reward .

In General ,the  predator concentrations across the park are  marvelous  as compared with any  other  destination in the Country. One out of Four East Africa's Cheetahs are living in this park.The third-largest  population of endangered  wild Dogs  are living  at this destination.Huge Herds of Buffaloes and Elephants are sighted easily here with great bird watching opportunities for over  500 species.

Sable Antelope,Grant,Gazelle,Great Kudu ,Lesser Kudu,Defassa Waterbuck are some of wild animals which can't be found easily on other  East African Parks but are plenty at Ruaha Safari .

Just invest a few  hours roaming  around the  park to find sable, roan, hartebeest and over 500 species of bird! .

Ruaha  Safari  park is a wild and authentic  destination  that remains relatively untouched.

Game drives.

Ruaha Safari - The Activities

The daytime game drive is the main activity at the Park. Authorities have restricted the Night safari inside the Ruaha National Park.  There are few Properties that are operating within the park and offer  Walking Safaris, major ones are Kwihala, Jongomero, and Kigelia.  Jongomero is the only camp that offers fly camping trips.

Safari holiday activities in Ruaha

Below is the list of Lodges with activities  which they offer:

  • Jabali Ridge - Game drives, night drives, and walking safaris
  • Ikuko Safari Camp - Game drives and walking safari (licensed)
  • Jongomero – Game drives, walking safari (licensed), fly camping (minimum 2 nights)…No night safari.
  • Kichaka – Game drives, walking safari (licensed), fly camping….NO night safari
  • Kigelia – Game drives, walking safari (licensed), Night safari…NO fly camping
  • Kwihala – Game drives, walking safari (licensed), Night safari…NO fly camping
  • Mdonya Old River – Game drives only
  • Mwagusi – Game drives, night drives, and walking safari (licensed)
  • Ruaha River Lodge - Game drives only.


Ruaha Safari -

When to go

Just like many  African Safari, Ruaha national park  is a classic dry season  park too.  More games  towards the end  of the dry season as there are few Water holes and Rivers provide water supply during this time where the game concentrates around .For Bird Lovers , December through to March is exceptional for you.


Client Reviews.

Hey Ihana Safaris   Team, Thank you!!!! I believe that all of us are grateful for your personal diligence in caring for all of us continually from the time we arrived until when we said goodbye. Thank you is not enough. A 1000 thanks for a great time with you on our 6 Days Safari trip!

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Edina Herdson

From Miami USA.- Visited Tanzania 2021

Our time in Tanzania was extremely Fabulous, We spotted Tree-climbing pride of Lions relaxed on the Acacia trees, Rhino grazing along the floor of Ngorongoro Crater. I’m so glad that your Greatest  company makes us meet our expectations. We’re promising to see you soon again.

budgeted safari

John Macdonald

From Manchester -UK Visited Tanzania July 2021

I believe, my kids had an unforgettable time at  Tanzania which will treasure for a lifetime. Am also feel blessed to have been able to enjoy Africa Safari together with joy and safety. Thank you and Tanzania for the Best  Time!”

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Maximillian Anderson

From Amsterdam,Visited Tanzania with his Kids September 2021