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Northern Circuit Route

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The Northern Circuit Route begins at Londorossi Gate in the west and initially follows the same path as the Lemosho Route. Following the Northern Circuit instead of the more popular Southern Circuit via Barranco Valley, the path veers north near Lava Tower after crossing the Shira Plateau. While climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the northern circuit is longer than other routes. It provides more time for acclimatization as well as beautiful scenery. The Northern Circuit Route goes all the way around the mountain. It has the best acclimatization profile as well as the highest summit success rate. The Northern Circuit is without a doubt one of Kilimanjaro’s best routes. It is ideal for those who enjoy backpacking for several days and want to try something new. Those who want to get away from other tourists on their Kilimanjaro trek should opt for the Northern Circuit.

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Kilimanjaro Climb

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Kilimanjaro is the highest peak on the African continent, located near the Kenyan border in Northern Tanzania. At 5,895 meters, it is also the world’s highest free-standing mountain. This is a hiker’s dream because it is Africa’s highest peak. 30,000 trekkers, both experienced and novice, are expected to visit Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.