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Bird Watching Safari.

Are you  a birdlover ?, if yes visit Tanzania .

This destination is among African countries where it hosts over 1100 species of birds.Out of these,over  800 species  are resident  while nearly 200 are regular migrants. 

As the aves paradise , Tanzania has 22 birds species which are endemic here while further 43 near endemic ,whereby they restricted to the country and her neighboring  countries only .

As for such birds population  Tanzania is offering  good birdlife all over the year , but the best  season to visits is dry seasons. From November to April is the perfect  moment for bird watching as migrates from Europe and northern Africa are also presented in the country .

It is this time when many resident aves  are nesting and are in breeding plumage.

In contrast , the wettest months of March and April , are not conducive  for both Birdlife  as well as Birdwatchers as the country experiencing storms and heavy rains daily .

For the perfect Birdwatching in Tanzania, we recommend  Arusha National Park ,Lake Manyara  and Tarangire National Park.

Arusha National Park has an amazing diversity of bird’s habitats  where by you  will find over 400 species in a small are .Lake Manyara is also good destination especially for  waterbirds watching .



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