Arusha Park Safari

Arusha Park Safari

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Arusha Park Safari

Being located slightly out of the Northern Tanzania circuit, makes this hidden gem park to be unpopular among African  Safari visitors.

Another reason for Tarangire park to have less Attention to visitors is that it is always seasonal in nature throughout the year, where animals migrate to Masai planson rainy seasons and come back when it is dry.These facts make most of the travelers miss out on the real taste of African safari or taking just a few hours gaming around before leaving swathes of this park virtually untouched 

Would you believe that Tarangire National park has a largest concentration of  GAME  per square kilometer than any other Northern circuit park?  Sounds insane,right?

That is true but, it is seasonal, from July to October when it is the dry time at Tarangire all animals gather along the Tarangire River which will be the only source of water at that time. This is the only time when the number of games can not be compared to any other park. Unfortunately, for the rest of the year, The Tarangire national park is left unpopulated as animals migrate to the Masai Plains looking for Fresh pastures and Breeding.


Tarangire the stunning park is well known for having huge Herds of elephants, ancient Baobab Trees, Sun-backed termite hills, a large array of birds, and an authentic African safari atmosphere. All-inclusive, this park is a beautiful and superb “tiny” park that guarantees the greatest value to vacation makers especially during high seasons. This is the time when  Serengeti and Ngorongoro are fully congested, at this season  Tarangire becomes the best option for those who are looking for a real African relaxed safari.

About Tarangire Safari .

 It is estimated that over 3000 herds of Elephants are accommodated at Tarangire Nation park during the dry season. This is the huge number of elephants to be allocated at a single park at one time! you will never experience this sight anywhere else.

The park is also home to a good number of carnivores that roam around the riverine forest along acacia and baobab woodlands of Tarangire, Lions, hyena, jackal, caracal, serval, leopard, cheetah, and wild dog, are some of the residences of Tarangire. Though wild dogs and Cheetah are a bit tricky to sight them.!

Tarangire Park is the paradise of herbivores that contribute over 65% of the overall wildlife of the park. Apart from Elephant, the park is fully packed with wildebeest, zebra, eland, impala,and lesser kudu, dik-dik, Coke’s hartebeest, Thomson’s gazelle, giraffe, buffalo, reedbuck, waterbuck, warthog, hippopotamus, mongoose, and rock hyrax! 

If a lucky day finds you at Tarangire you will glimpse very rare animals like dwarf Mongoose, vulnerable fringe-eared Oryx, and the graceful General.

A Birding Hotspot

For bird lovers, don’t forget you’re binocular, as the park is truly a birdwatcher’s paradise. Tarangire National Park is the home of over  550  different species of avians !, supporting their life around the  Silale Swamps. These swamps are among the few habitats on earth which provide a nourished accommodation and favorite breeding atmosphere for different bird species. Birds like ostriches, eagles, lovebirds, weavers, barbets, parrots, pelicans, nightjars, starlings, babblers, northern pied babbler, Rufous-tailed Weaver, Yellow-collared lovebird, vulturine guineafowl, Ashy starling are  Tarangire’s endemics.

Tarangire Park is also a Dwell for  Raptors species like the Bateleur eagle and the Lappet-faced vulture, pygmy falcon( the smallest  Raptors on the continent), at the rainy season, the park is also a home to many insects that attract innumerable migratory birds from Asia and Europe. If birding is what you love Then Tarangire is your place to be.

Tarangire National Park - Activities

Game Driving is the main activity inside  Tarangire park, however, some Camp sites introduce Adventurous fly camping trips and walking safaris.  

If you are looking for Night Safari, Tarangire is the only park in the country where authorities are allowing this safari activity.  Night safaris within the Park offers a nocturnal adventure that makes you experience the entire different cast of wildlife that can’t be seen in the daytime.

Tarangire top tips for maximally exploring The  Safari.

  • The number one tip-Never stay outside Tarangire! By living  away will force you  to begine game drive  late  and ending up early this will minimise your exploration .
  • Stay as deep away as possible.Try to avoid staying at  the northern parts of Tarangire  is known for  high  traffic .If calm holiday is you preference southern Tarangire is the perfect  choice for you. Kuro, Swala, Oliver’s, Little Oliver’s, Balloon Camp Tarangire, and Nasikia Ndovu are tucked away off this northern area – focus your time here.
  • Unlike Other rival parks Manyara and Serengeti which are very  busy during High season,Tarangire  Safari always retains its authentic charm.To have  a perfect  African Vacation don't stay in Tarangire in less than two Nights .
  • If you love to stay  off the beaten track, Choosing  Tarangire and the Serengeti will be the best option for youwhile  The Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara won't give you  the taste you  want !


Tarangire - When to go

As  Game drive is concerning, dry seasons which start from July to  October are the best time for Tarangire Safari as wild animals gather around the Tarangire River. Apart from this period, you’re not guaranteed to spot a high concentration of Animals.

However, if relaxation and affordability are your main motive, low seasons are the best options as there are few congestions and most of the lodges and hotels drop their rates!

Sample of Tarangire Park Safari Stays .

Client Reviews.

Hey Ihana Safaris   Team, Thank you!!!! I believe that all of us are grateful for your personal diligence in caring for all of us continually from the time we arrived until when we said goodbye. Thank you is not enough. A 1000 thanks for a great time with you on our 6 Days Safari trip!

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Edina Herdson

From Miami USA.- Visited Tanzania 2021

Our time in Tanzania was extremely Fabulous, We spotted Tree-climbing pride of Lions relaxed on the Acacia trees, Rhino grazing along the floor of Ngorongoro Crater. I’m so glad that your Greatest  company makes us meet our expectations. We’re promising to see you soon again.

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John Macdonald

From Manchester -UK Visited Tanzania July 2021

I believe, my kids had an unforgettable time at  Tanzania which will treasure for a lifetime. Am also feel blessed to have been able to enjoy Africa Safari together with joy and safety. Thank you and Tanzania for the Best  Time!”

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Maximillian Anderson

From Amsterdam,Visited Tanzania with his Kids September 2021