Discover Africa  through Tanzania Destination with this wonderful African Safari Package.

This Package will send you to:

  • Lake Manyara Park
  • Serengeti National Park  
  • Ngorongoro Crater
  • Tarangire Park
  • Visit Chaga Villages 

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 Tour summary:

  • Day 1.Lake Manyara.
  • Day 2.Lake Natron.

  • Day3. Lake Natron.

  • Day 3.Serengeti Park .

  • Day 4. Serengeti Park.
  • Day5.Serengeti Park.
  • Day 6. Mto wa Mbu Tour.
  • Day 7.  Tarangire Park.
  • Day 8- Day 12 Cultural Tour .

Tour Details .

Day 0.

Arrival and picked up from the kilimanjaro international airport then transferred to the hostel in Arusha bed and breakfast included

Day 1

Drive to the Lake Manyara National park for game drive with a picnic lunch box, The Lake Manyara National park is famous for its tree climbing Lion and colourful lake Manyara which is the Paradise of Flamingos, the Great Rift Valley offers another beautiful geological features  which forms the Home of Baboon and monkeys. Dinner and overnight at the Panorama campsite

Day 2

After breakfast drive off the beaten truck to Lake Natron, through the Maasai villages side view of wild animals like Zebras, wildebeest Buffaloes and gazelles, learn about Maasai cultures and its economy which based on Livestock keeping, Maasai are one of the few remain Africa tribe unspoiled from their culture, they are extremely believe and live on their culture, arrival for lunch at the Lake Natron Tent Camp, the lodge located at the eastern wing of the great rift valley.

 After lunch relax and there after go swimming at the waterfall located at the foot of the great rift valley then proceed to sunset visit of the blue Lake Natron which form the home for over 25% of the world’s population of both pinkish and white Flamingos, the lake is the most preferably breeding ground for over 1million flamingos of east Africa. Late hours back to Lake Natron Kamakia campsite.

Day 3

Early morning walking at the Lake Natron the home to over one million pinckish and white flamingos, back to the lodge for branch then proceed to the water fall for swing and walking along the great Africa rift valley around evening time back to the lodge for relax thereafter walk to the water fall again and at the evening time back to the lodge for dinner and  early relax, you may wish to wakeup at very early morning around 2am and hike Oldonyo lengai mountain,

 The Maasai people believe this mountain to be the home of their God and hence conduct sacrifices and ritual ceremonies for worshiping each year however this climb is considered a crucial for acclimatize against Kilimanjaro climb but also this is an ultimate challenge to make your body physically and mentally active. This is unlike Kilimanjaro it`s an active volcanic mountain the top of it offer amazing view of the Ngorongoro crater and the Serengeti national park and you will see the lava boiling at the top of this mountain. Being at Natron is adventure of life time, back to Lake NatronTented for branch and relax waiting for dinner and overnight again at Lake Natron kamakia campsite


Day 4

After breakfast with picknick lunch box drive to the Serengeti national park entering this huge game sanctuaries via the northern corridor, the corridor used by the animals to cross the border to Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya. You will have your dinner and over-night at inside the Serengeti national park deeply at the Northern Corridor near the famous Mara River Lobo campsite, the campsite is not that far from the River and the border with the Maasai Mara game reserve on Kenyan side of the Serengeti national park, it`s at this river where the wild animals cross and encountered with giant African Nile crocodile its often what you normally see on those famous film of national geographic, this is what you might have seen in national geographic video showing the thirsty wild beasts drawn into water by mess less Crocodile. Spending a night at this lodge is strategically  to be closer to our earlier morning expectation centred at going to the river crossing point to see migratory animals crossing the River and their struggling against the Crocodiles

Day 5

Game drive at the Northern Serengeti along the Mara River to see the migratory animals, it`s a specific day where you wake up early in the morning with pick nick lunch to roam the vast jungle of the northern Serengeti patrolling for migratory animals, it’s one of those you can see in the films filmed by national geographic, it will be a long drive but very interesting searching for migratory beasts, you will later driver back to your campsite at evening time.

Day 6.

After breakfast depart from the campsite and drive to the famous Ngorongoro crater for full game drive, the Ngorongoro crater is sometimes referred to be the Garden of Eden or the Noah Ark, the crater provide the home for the big five, Wild beasts Zebras and un countable number of gazelle and thousand of  pinkish flamingos. With pick nick lunch box you will descend down the floor of the famous crater game drive is specifically to see the big five ie Lion, Black rhino, Elephants, Leopard and Buffaloes. At late hours you will drive for dinner and overnight at the Country lodge

Day 7.

After break breakfast hiking along the Great east African Rift valley, The hike will get u well associated with the tropical African environments and culture, it’s a trip that will definitely take you off the beaten truck and immersed you into Africa, it’s also specifically to give with an insight into how east African societies are organized and the whole life in general, at the top of the Rify valley you will be rewarded with amazing view of the lake Manyara national park, the villages, the Ngorongoro highlands, and mount Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa in a clear day. 


You will later walk back to the hotel for lunch then relax and there after go for biking in a small town of Mto wambu,Mtu wa-mbu is small touristic town bordering the lake Manyara national park, it’s an artistic town and also agricultural where they grow paddy and banana, there are lots of works of art including batiks, carvings and paintings, so many young people made their life here by selling their talented arts to the mult-international tourists who pass in a thousand across this town going to national park since the town is at the middle of the road going to Serengeti/Ngorongoro/Tarangire/lake Manyara, the biking will also takes you along the shore of the lake Manyara at sunset that will provide you with spectacular pictures, it’s pretty important to have this day for  walking and biking after seating on a safari Jeep for long, it’s from our experience that many people have found it a bit uncomfortable with seating on a Jeep for over three hundred miles only for game drives in the park, this combine program gives you a multiple options and so feed you with all kind of experience you may wish for on your African expectation. Dinner and overnight at the Panorama campsite located at the Top of the great Rifty valley,


Day 8.

Pickup from campsite and head towards Tarangire National Park for game drive, the Tarangire national park was established to help with preserving the big cats{leopards, cheaters, lions} game drive is centered around the Tarangire River Circuit where there is higher chance of seeing the big predators hunting as the herbivores come for drinks and grazing along the river channel.

 Stop for a pic-nic lunch at a bluff overlooking the winding Tarangire River. 

After, proceed with game driver to deferent areas of Tarangire National Park where you will be able to see wildbeast, gazelles, antelopes, ostrich, giraffes, buffaloes and many more mammals and birds. The Tarangire national park is referred to be the home of African elephant. In late afternoon you will drive for dinner and overnight at the Tarangire campsite

Day 9

Early morning you will drive towards the slopes of the majestic snow caped Mount Kilimanjarothe highest mountain in africa.The Mount Kilimanjaro Resort is Tucked deep in the lush green banana and coffee plantations of Kyalla Village in Marangu West on the slopes of the Kilimanjaro Mountain it is extremely close to the front gates of the Kilimanjaro National Park - which is the start climbing point to the roof of Africa ... the Kibo peak. 

Day 10

After breakfast here you will have a chance to hike through the surrounding forest and banana plantations and taste the locally grown coffee.The walk will take you down to waterfall and historical sites of the legendary Chaga tribe the inhabitant of the slope of this mountain.Dinner and overnight again at the Buffalo hotel in Moshi town.

Day 11

After breakfast and easy day drive for swiming and relaxy to streach mascles at the Chemka hot springs,a simple and fun place. A warm water rising from the ground due to volcanicity,the geo-thermally warmed water is constantly renewed and is therefore very fresh,clear and clean. Chemka hot spring is indeed a pleasant place to spend a couple of hours to relax after long drives or after a climb or hiking or safari.At late hour of the day you will drive for dinner and overnight at our hostel in Arusha

Day 12

After breakfast rock the city of Arusha with shoping then we will drop you at the airport for your flight to other destination

Serengeti National Park | The Wildlife

Serengeti Safari is among few African Wildlife Safari parks where you will find a  huge variety of games at ease.

At Serengeti you will witness a huge pride of Lions, it is estimated that Serengeti has about 3000 to 4000 lions. This park has an outstanding number of Cheetah, Leopard, and Hyena.

This is a heaven for numerous Wild Animals includes topi, eland, hartebeest, buffalo, elephant, caracal, serval, bat-eared fox, hyrax, genet, hares, porcupine, aardvark, giraffe, jackal, mongoose, crocodile, monitor lizard, aardwolf, many kinds of primates including baboons, vervet and colobus monkeys the list still long. 

For Bird Lovers Serengeti is a breathtaking destination for you, over 500 Species of Birds make Serengeti their Paradise. This stunning park guarantees an exceptional birdwatching experience.


Ngorongoro Wildlife Experience.

 The Park is Populated with healthy black rhinos, African Elephant, lion, leopard, and hyena. Apart from Leopards who are a bit tricky to spot as they are living in the highly dense forest of Lerai, the rest of the big 5 can be sighted easily.

Whenever you visit Ngorongoro you are guaranteed to see huge herds of wildebeest, Zebra, and Buffalo. The Crater  is stocked  with  other wildlife animals like , cheetah, jackal, Grant's and Thompson's gazelle, flamingos and bat-eared foxes etc .

Wildlife of Tarangire Park.

It is not a secret ,Elephant Migration is the phenomena which create an impressive feature of Tarangire park.This is when  huge herbs of Elephant  roaming around the Tarangire’s river system and swamps during the dry season. Being at  the middle of  this  astonishing abundance is  truly a breathtaking  experience of life!. 

Tarangire park has a plenty Predators like lion ,leopard,Cheetah,Hyena ,Jackal and a few Wild dogs 

The Park is favourable for  herbivores,it is a home to  wildebeest, zebra, eland, impala, greater and lesser kudu, dik-dik, Coke’s hartebeest, Thomson’s gazelle, giraffe, buffalo, reedbuck, waterbuck, warthog, hippopotamus, mongoose and rock hyrax! 

At Tarangire you will glimpse some  rare species of Antelope which have never been seen in any other Northern Destination, including the fringe-eared oryx and the gerenuk. Black rhinos are very   infrequently seen  at  Tarangire even though  it is believed they are living in the remote areas of the park.

Included in the price:

• Full board (breakfast, lunch & dinner) accommodation while on
• Transfers to and from the airport
• All game drives viewing in a custom-built 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser
• All parks entrance fees
• Transportation with a 4×4 vehicles with viewing roofs
• Professional English-speaking driver-guide during the safari.
• Bottled safe drinking water, soft and energy drinks in safari
• Current Government taxes and levies
• 24-Hour support during the safari from our office in Arusha.

Excluded from the price:

• International flights
• Additional excursions while you are in Tanzania
• Out-of-full board service at the hotel including body massage,
hotel excursions, bar & laundry services
• Entry visa to Tanzania
• Travel and health insurance
• Meals, drinks, and excursions not described in the itinerary
• Items of a personal nature, laundry, telephone and postage